Building Function

About Rubik Tower

The mixed use building is located in the Municipality of Karposh, at ul. Nikola Rusinski 1A. The residential building connects the main boulevards of the city Blvd. “8th of September” and Blvd. Partizanski Odredi.

In the immediate vicinity of the residential building are: Clinic Jean Mitrev, City Hospital 8th of September, Polyclinic Bucharest, kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities, shopping centers, sport halls, parks etc. The location of the building gives you a direct connection to everything that is needed to live a modern life.

The facility consists of three entrances

The height of entrance 1 is P+16+Pk, entrance 2 P+17+Pk, entrance 3 P+10.

Underground Levels
Parking Places

Three Entrances

Ground floor and 1st commercial units. 2nd floor to 17th floor residential units.

The access to Entrance 1 and Entrance 2 is from north side st. “Nikola Rusinski”

The access to Entrance 3 is from the west side service street st. “5”.

The access to the commercial units are partly from Blvd. 8th of September, st. “Nikola Rusinski”, and Blvd. “Partizanski Odredi”, and partly from the service street.

Access to the underground floors is from the service road that leads to entry ramps.

About Rubik Tower

The building type belongs to mixed use building. It has 419 residential units located in three entrances and six large elevators. The ground and first floor of the building are commercial units for business purpose, while the rest of the floors are residential units. The building has apartments with different typology, orientation and position. We offer studio apartments, two room apartments, three room apartments and four room apartments that are designed in such a way to meet the needs of our customers, who have different requirements and different financial possibilities. The location of the building allows an open view on all sides.

Commercial Units
Residental Units
0 +
6 + 2 Large Elevators


The structural system is composed of reinforced concrete columns and beams with different spans, placed in such a way to ensure, first of all, security, then a favorable solution for parking and a flexible solution for residential units. The floor height from slab to slab is 3.00m. All building materials and built-in installations meet the applicable technical conditions and standards in terms of construction, fire safety, heat and sound insulation, moisture protection and energy efficiency. Materials with their physical performance, structure and color affect the comfort and pleasant feeling in the space. The ecological and hygienic impeccability of the built-in materials are in accordance with the regulations for construction materials, for the purpose for which they are intended.


Walls and ceilings

  • Facade walls are built with siporex blocks with a thickness of 20 cm and adequate thermal insulation of 8 cm, which maintains a high level of energy efficiency of the building.

  • The walls between the residential units and corridors are sandwich – walls with a fire resistance of 2 hours and a total d= 26 cm.
  • The partition walls are made of Siporex blocks with a thickness of 12 cm, adequate sound and thermal insulation in the residential units, and in the sanitary units with appropriate finishing of ceramic tiles.
  • In the sanitary facilities and in the rooms where sanitary elements are installed, the walls with a height of 260 cm (bathrooms) and 60 cm (kitchens) are lined with ceramic tiles.
  • Ceiling surfaces are smooth and bright with minimal reflection.


Choosing materials for flooring should be taken into consideration the area that it will be installed. For rooms we choose tarkett as the best option, easy to maintain, warm and nuanced with light tones. The Tarkett multilayer parquet consists of 3 layers of wood attached at an angle of 90 degrees. The upper layer of the parquet is made of hard wood, and the middle and bottom layer are also 100% made of wood.

Finishing flooring material in the wet areas such as toilet, bathroom, utility, kitchen we use tiles. Tiles are a timeless and wise choice for wet areas. Ceramic tiles with non-slippery surface and mounted with proper inclination toward the floor siphons.

Adequate thermal and sound insulation of the floors is provided.

Energy Efficiency

Windows & Doors

The windows are made of PVC with thermally insulated profiles and thermally insulating glass (4+16+4) with min. coef. of thermal conductivity of 1.3 w/m². Possibility of opening both horizontally and vertically. In rooms where there are low parapets, the windows will be additionally protected from impacts.


External entrance doors secured from external influences with eaves, canopies. The entry doors and doors in the windbreaks will function with automatic closing. The entrance doors in the residential units will have a width of 110cm and a height of 230cm.

Interior doors designed with the peaceful tones of nature, offers long term durability with its wide range of products that are expertly designed and adapt to all decoration styles. Soundproof up to 38 decibels, 41 minutes fire resistance, silent locking system, 100.000 times on/off guarantee, easy-to-clean surface structure, resistance against impacts and scratches, and simple style codes enable timeless designs.


The building is designed with elements of contemporary architecture in line with new current trends. The energy efficiency of the building is achieved with the use of classic thermal insulation.

DEMIT façade is the type of insulation that will cover Rubik Tower. This façade system saves up to 60% of energy. It is placed directly on the exterior walls of the building.

Demonstrated in the image, the process of installing demit façade is achieved through the use of expanded polystyrene, reinforced mesh, façade adhesives and anchors. The last layer is the decorative texture plaster which is high qualitative material where the color will keep the same hue for many years.

Guaranteed quality where energy saving is our priority.

Green Area

Taking into consideration the well – being of the Rubik Tower residents, the green area around building site is enough but we think more than enough. The location of the building offers quality and healthy life because we are surrounded with parks, sport halls and recreation areas.