ZSF KOM DOOEL is a construction company that in its twenty years of work experience has successfully invested, designed and constructed numerous projects in the field of architecture and construction.

ZSF KOM has constructed some iconic buildings that are as much part of the city’s landscape. The high professional training of the employees, the continuous improvement and monitoring of the standards, enabled the successful realization of the projects with special requirements and high standards.

Today, using the technical-technological structure, the equipment at its disposal, the many years of experience, the experience with renowned collaborators and relevant institutions, the company is ready to respond to any project request in all its phases, from idea to realization.

The team, led by Fatmir Etemi, includes highly educated, experienced, qualified and licensed engineers, architects, lawyers, notaries, surveyors and technicians.

Fatmir Etemi

Expansive Growth

Implementing and Developing Diverse Investment Strategies

We strive for constant expansion of our activities and investments and we are in the phase of implementation and development in the following areas:

  • Thermal insulation for maximum energy efficiency

    for maximum reduction of electricity

  • Construction of eco-buildings

  • Construction of energy facilities

    installation of photovoltaic systems

Standards: the company operates according to ISO9001, EUROCODE 5 and similar relevant ones, international standards.


Customers invest in real estate from ZSF KOM, because we give them confidence in the speed of construction, meeting deadlines and guarantees for the built-in materials.


Our company invests in quality building materials and equipment from world brands in order to achieve top quality in construction.

ZSF KOM - Licenses

Our success is based on the dedication, expertise and quality of our staff. Through the licenses that our company owns, our professionals are properly engaged in the production of the entire project documentation, as well as in the process of the construction of the buildings.

Our work concept is based on:

Excellent coordination and staffing
Good organization when performing tasks
Continuous control of the quality of work
Individual approach of employees to assigned tasks
Meeting deadlines